le'Var Electric Violin w/ Headphones, Bow, and Case - Black

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An ultra-modern design that retains a traditional violin feel! The Le'Var Electric Violin Outfit offers full functionality for practice, studio, or stage. The outfit comes with a 1/4" output that will plug into most guitar amps or PA systems (cable included), volume control, headphones for practice, and an Aux In with volume control so you can accompany your favorite CD while practicing. This violin also features an upper-left bout for position playing plus both lower bouts, so you can use your current shoulder rest. It also features electric guitar style geared tuners. The versatility of Le'Var Electric Violins makes this great for rock, jazz, classical, and other musical styles.

  • Size: Full
  • Features: Hand-Carved Body
  • Front Material: Solid Maple
  • Back Material: Solid Maple
  • Side Material: Solid Maple
  • Neck Material: Jujube Wood
  • Fingerboard Material: Jujube Wood
  • String Material: Steel
  • Tuner Material: Nickel, Electric Guitar Style
  • Bridge Material: Birch
  • Wood Finish: Chestnut
  • Finish: Natural Stained Maple
  • Includes: Horsehair Bow, Rosin, Headphones, AUX Cable, 9V Alkaline Battery and Deluxe Hard Shell Case
  • Dimensions: 36.0 " L x 14.0 " W x 3.0 " D
  • Weight: 1.5 Lb.

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