Melokia UK13E Acoustic/Electric Soprano Ukulele - Natural

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Melokia's UK13E Acoustic/Electric Ukulele is a great choice when you need some more power to make yourself heard above all others. Melokia translates to "melody" in Hawaiian, and as its name describes, it offers melodious value!

The UK13E's built-in piezo pickup is hand-assembled and installed on these ukes by our guitar technicians in Milwaukee. It's a great little pickup that gives a clear sound without feedback. Simply plug a 1/4" cable into the 1/4" jack on the body, hook it up to an amp or thru a DI box into your sound system, and you'll be heard clearly in a group setting! Of course, you can still play this ukulele without plugging it in, giving you the classic ukulele sound in this versatile instrument.The UK13E's body features an all-wood construction in a classic brown finish, with a rosewood fretboard. It's the most common size of uke, the soprano model, and has a 13" scale with a 20.75" total length.

Ukuleles have been extremely popular with both seasoned and new artists who have discovered the great sound. Artists include Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, She & Him's Zoey Deschanel, Paul McCartney, Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson.


  • All-wood construction in Classic Natural Brown finish
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • 13" Scale
  • 20.75" total length
  • 17 frets
  • Built-in piezo pickup with 1/4" jack

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