Ravel RFH100RB Flugelhorn Outfit - Rose Brass

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Ravel Flugelhorns come packed with pro features and have maximum affordability and quality. Made from the most durable and best sounding brass, they are a great choice for students and advanced musicians alike. Featuring nickel piston valves, with 11mm bore, and third slide hook, these horns have the feel and look of an advanced horn at student-level prices.

All Ravel brass instruments are carefully crafted at the factory and inspected by technicians at their United States instrument center. Ravel emphasizes quality while keeping prices affordable for everyone.


  • Key of Bb
  • Nickel valves
  • Brass body (MT - mustard finish, RB - rose brass finish)
  • 11mm / .430 inches bore
  • Includes mouthpiece and case

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