Ravel RFL102 Student Flute w/ Offset G & Case

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Ravel's student flute RFL102 offers the young band student or older beginner a reliable, quality instrument featuring a warm sound with good projection, suitable for both the concert stage and the marching field. It's an affordable yet durably constructed instrument, making it a popular choice for many directors and individuals.

On this flute, the Offset G Key allows a more comfortable, natural hand position for the G keys, plus stability and protection to the left-hand keys, due to these keys configured on a separate rod. The Split E Mechanism helps to improve the production of the high E in the third octave.


  • Key of C Plateau (closed-hole)
  • Silver-plated finish
  • Low C foot
  • Offset G key
  • Split E mechanism
  • Ergonomic key shapes
  • One-piece key cups
  • Adjustment screws
  • Drawn tone holes
  • What's included: Cleaning rod, Polishing cloth, White gloves Lightweight, hard-shell ABS plastic case with foam-lined interior.

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